MMC Choir Overview

Hello! Thank you for your interest in joining the Music Ministry Conservatory Choir (MMC) as a professional member. We are glad to have you.

The choir meets Sunday evenings from 7pm-8:30pm at the MMC  pianist house (with two Grand pianos) in Carrollton. Rehearsals are led by the choir teacher Dr. WeiShu Tsai or music director Dr. Eldred Marshall. You will be expected to attend rehearsals once a month, and on specific dates leading up to given performances. As professionals, you are expected to lead and anchor your choir section (filled with amateurs who passed the Auditions ). Thus, we ask that you come fully prepared to every rehearsal.

Conpensation  is per performance by offering . This is made by interview directly with Ms. Christie Lee, the president of MMC with singers.

Schedule of Events

April 5, 2020: Mozart Requiem @ First United Methodist Church of Garland (7pm)

September 6, 2020: Variety Show in Carrollton

January 31, 2021: Opera! @ MMC

The content of the variety and opera shows will be determined by audition and mutual collaboration. You will be asked to sing your favorite pieces in a no-fault, non-eliminating “audition.” The purpose is only for casting. All professional MMC members will be expected to perform substantive solos and roles throughout the year.

We thank you for your time. Be blessed!




The MMC Concert “The Fragrance of Praise” 

Music Ministry Conservatory (MMC) is hosting the Third Annual Music Concert “The Fragrance of Praise” at 6:00 PM on Sunday January 28, 2018, at the Chapel of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas. The goals of MMC are to foster professional musicians, to render helping hand to needy community people, and to achieve oneness in our multiracial, multicultural and multireligious American society. And at the same time we are trying to create a new culture and healing through a high level of musical performance.

A world renowned pianist, Professor Tong-Il Han, will appear in this concert as a special guest, and we expect his spiritual performance would fill up a full inspiration. He will perform several music pieces composed by Dr. Dwight Malsbary who inspired him greatly when he was only ten years old.

Professor Han worked as a music professor at Indiana University and at Boston Music School for 30 years, and then, continued to teach at the University of North Texas. Since he moved to Korean in 2005, he has been promoting spiritual music, not the common commercial ones. Professor Han is continuing his fourth chapter of his life since he moved back in Dallas area. His performance of humanistic inspiration in this concert will be just before the time of “Offering of Love”. As he was supported and studied at Juilliard by the Air Commander Gen. Anderson right after the Korean War due to his superb talent at the age of 12, Professor Han’s performance in this concert would surely promote offerings for love of neighbors.

This year’s concert by MMC is programmed to combine traditional music and contemporary one. The audience favorite ones, such as “How Great Thou Art”, “You Raise Me Up”, “Amazing Grace(My Chains Are Gone)”, and “For The Beauty of the Earth” will be sung by  the choir of 40 members. The audience as well as the performers would be submerged in a spiritual inspiration.

Pianist Hwa Jung Lee will be the leading piano accompanist and he will perform a solo piece of List. soprano Youna Hargraves, mezzo-soprano Walteria Caldwell, tenor Jae Wook Lee, bass Benjamin Howard and Erik  Danielson, crossover soprano Juhee Baek, contemporary singer Katie Laymon, and contemporary pianist Stepheno Libralon will perform in this concert. Rev. Daniel Salls who is the current Music Director of Birchman Baptist Church in Ft. Worth will serve as the music director and conductor for this concert.

Ms. Christy Lee, President of MMC, said, “I am very glad to have an opportunity of praising the Lord together with Professor Tong-Il Han and hope this concert to be unifying motivation through music over the boundary of cultural and generational differences.”

– News Korea